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Announcement: Mediation Service

We are happy to announce that attorney Joo Park has expanded her practice to include mediation. Ms. Park received her training through the Colorado Bar Association’s mediation training program, which meets the training standards of the Mediation Association of Colorado as well as the Colorado State’s Office of Dispute Resolution.

Notwithstanding her substantive experience in courtroom, Ms. Park is an advocate of alternative dispute resolution, especially mediation. Why mediation? Mediation allows the parties in dispute to resolve their difference with the help of a facilitator, i.e. the mediator, and reach a settlement that addresses the parties’ respective needs and interests. Mediation is not about “compromise” – that’s a myth. It’s a way to settle disputes outside the courtroom. In doing so, the parties have control over the terms of their settlement, minimize exposure and avoid incurring extraordinary cost of litigation. The parties will not be exposed to a final and binding Court Order or a jury verdict that may feel like nothing has been gained and everything has been lost.

With more than a decade of legal experience, Ms. Park provides invaluable assistance to parties in dispute. Ms. Park’s mediation practice will include domestic relations matters (including but not limited to divorce, parenting time, spousal maintenance, child support,) work place conflicts, realtor and client disputes, and any other civil disputes between individuals and/or entities. Ms. Park may be reached at (970) 340-4977 and/or